When we have new songs added to the songbooks, we’ll play them through to get everyone used to them, then everyone gets to pick from the archive. 

Just click the link and the songbook should open in a new window for you.

Index Printable page of all our songs. No need to print each time, just write the new additions on and save some paper.
Book 1 Songs 0001 to 0140.Updated versions available now and then.
Book 2 0201 up to 0229.
This will fit into a 20-pocket (40 pages) presentation folder, so your sheets will be protected and easier to manage.
Book 3 This book will also fill a 20-pocket folder.
BYO This is a collection of the songs that people have brought along to the B2 sessions. Each song is a scan from the paper version that was shared with the group. For those songs that we can play quite well, they have been incorporated into our own books. There is no need to print this book out.

Below you can find our playlists from the various events where we have played.